First, thank you for your interest in meeting with me…My sessions are transformational and incredibly healing. Before we set up an appointment, it is important for me to share with you what my process is like in order for you to decipher if we are a good fit.

I am a Physical Medium. I channel my messages through Automatic Writing. You have the option of doing an in-person or phone session. Either way, I create a safe space where healing can happen and you get the most out of your session.

Myself and Spirit work together to get to the heart of your issue and help you clear it so you can move through it to the next stage of your life with more peace and understanding.

In working with me, you will not only be able to hear word for word messages from your loved ones who have crossed over but you will also be able to heal a lifetime of pain. I will meet you where you are on your journey and bring you through whatever is holding you back, so you can move forward. Sometimes Spirit will address issues from your past to assist you in creating healthier relationships, gain self-love and empowerment for a healthier future.

It is vital that you are in a place where you are ready to heal and that you are open to exploring any issues you may have on a deep level. It is equally as vital that you do not come with an agenda or any expectations as that could block Spirit from coming through clearly. You must also be willing to take responsibility for your own healing. Spirit and I will help guide you and facilitate your healing process but ultimately it is your job to do the work. *If you are mentally unstable, tend to blame others, and/or are unwilling/unable to take personal responsibility, you may not be ready for this experience.

In order to have a successful and fulfilling reading, clients need to not only believe in the process, but have a complete willingness to be transparent and vulnerable and to trust that Spirit knows what you need and what is most important for you to hear in that moment.


You nor I will have control over what is said or who comes through (you will not hear anything negative unless it will help or benefit you in some way).

I am not a psychic. This reading will not include any future predictions. I will stay focused on the present and or your past as my sessions are solely for healing.

As long as you surrender to the process, your reading will be very therapeutic, emotional and life-changing. Expect Miracles!

Prior to your scheduled session I advise you to mentally invite anyone (in Spirit) that you’d like to hear from to come to the session. I will not summons anyone specific but if they feel welcomed by you, they are more likely to show up.

*It is highly recommended that you record your session. You can use your cell phone or any other recording device.

Now, please check in with your own inner guidance and ask yourself if you are ready to heal and if you want me to help you get there. If you’d like to book a session with me please contact me by phone or text and I will get you set up.

*2 hour sessions. Depending on client needs. 1 hour minimum.

**Pricing varies depending on day, time and number of clients per session

Call or text 818-517-3306 for appointments. *Currently booked 4 to 6 weeks out.