Jennifer E.- I have been seeing or shall I say, now, speaking with Eden since 2017. Each time I have a reading with Eden and my spirit guides I have more meaningful life insights and new ways to look at life that I was not been able to do before. This last reading at the beginning of October 2020 has taken me to the next level of my journey. Spirit knows exactly what it is that I need each time I connect with Eden. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to know Eden and the work she does. It is the best kind of therapy through Eden and guided by my spirit guides. Thank you, Eden!

Jolie M.- Eden is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I was very guarded and was skeptical at my first reading. After I left not only was I intrigued but amazed. There were so many things that came up in my readings that NO ONE knew about! I think what hit me most was when she had told me not to have a party (not sure if those were the exact words) but it kept on coming through in my reading. She asked me if I was having a party and I told her no I was not having a party. But I really was. As the reading progressed, the message kept on coming through again saying do not have a party, do not have a party and at the end of the reading she asked me one more time if I was having a party. The answer was “yes”, I was having a party for my mom who has dementia and at the time was still living at home. She told me if I was comfortable enough to stop the party not have it. That was a big deal for me because I had a  party planned at my house. She told me and advised me that I should not have a party and whoever was coming through was saying to stop the party. I had already been to Eden‘s a few times so I did trust her. I ended up canceling the party and celebrated at my mom’s house. This was difficult explaining it to my family and friends because I couldn’t tell them the real reason why I was canceling. We changed everything and celebrated at my moms house with just her immediate family. At the end of the evening she said that this was all that she ever wanted she just wanted to have a get together with her kids because it was too much for her having too many people over and being in a strange place. She was extremely overjoyed and it was one of her best evenings she had had. After that I was convinced! Eden is such a kind and loving and honest human and anyone that has the chance to have a reading from her is VERY blessed.

Leiah L.- Wow, I don’t even know where to start! I am so happy that my girlfriend recommended we make an appointment with Eden!! When we walked in, we were greeted with a compassionate and genuine, “Hello, and welcome”. I felt comfortable and I settled into my skin almost immediately. “Almost”, meaning: it was necessary for me to take a some time to collect myself. I was instructed to take a few deep, calming breath’s before we started- this was to help regulate my nervous/ excited/ anticipatory energy 😉). I did what she suggested, and it worked perfectly. Eden has an energy about her that is truly one of a kind; her energy is accompanied by great empathy & love for what she does and the people she helps. My session was very thorough and complete; and if I didn’t understand something, she explained it without judgement or criticism. My session with Eden has changed my life!!No joke!! What I learned in my session with her has completely changed my perspective and outlook on life. I was able to heal the pain that I’ve kept inside for so long. What happened to me as a child no longer rules my life and I have been set free! Yay! 😁It was absolutely remarkable. I have felt only peace, comfort, and love since I’ve left her office. I no longer focus on the dark and negative aspects of my world. Eden has brought a new light into my life and I am forever grateful. I will most definitely be going back in the future! 💖Eden- THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You are an absolute gem and I am so grateful that we met. 🥰🤗

Ruth W.A.- I have to share that Eden did a reading for me over a year ago and she touched my heart with readings from souls that were so accurate and significant. Afterwards I felt such a warmth and very at peace. 

Kathleen L.- Eden is truly an amazing and gifted medium. She is accurate and a ''one of a kind'' individual .To date, I have had four unbelievable sessions with her. I begin seeing Eden in early December 2018, to help seek answers to questions in regard to my son's recent death. Since losing my son, Kevin, I have been overwhelmed with grief and sadness. Kevin was 28 years old when he passed over to the other side. Through Eden, and her ability to connect with my Kevin, I feel more at peace. The information that I have received has been spot on! For example, Kevin's unique internet game name, the date we last spoke, the two names responsible for his death and so much more. My sessions with Eden have been validated that our loved ones soul lives on. Eden has a special way about her, you feel at ease the moment you meet her! 

Andrea S.- I can't even begin to explain how great and gifted Eden is. Her messages are accurate and profound. Thank you Eden for everything that you do, and truly changing how I view the world.           

Lindsi R.- Every time I have the opportunity to visit Eden I leave feeling so fortunate that I was able to connect with my loved ones. She has a beautiful gift, and always very accurate. 

Kathleen K.- Eden is incredibly gifted. Each time we've worked together, the messages have been not only enlightening but very healing. Thank you Eden for the beautiful work you do and the ways you've helped me heal! 

Kim S.E.Eden is super gifted and amazing. She is authentic, down to earth and can heal people with her unique divine gifts. 

Tammy A.H.Eden is truly amazing. Her messages are uplifting and inspiring. I will be going back!    

Donna L.- I am still blown away by the experience. Thank you again for your hard work.You are doing a wonderful service!

Gisela M.-The reading was wonderful for me. I think I was in a daze for a few days. To connect and hear the things that I heard, was very healing. I have reflected on all of it and it has brought me so much peace. You do great work!

Alan B.-The guidance I got at my last session was really helpful and accurate. It pointed me in the right direction and will assist me in moving forward. The guidance around my mother was invaluable. Your readings are always exceptionally focused, clear, concise and insightful. Thank you for your contribution to the world.

Lisa W. - I wanted to thank you for mine and my sisters reading. You truly have an amazing gift that heals and transforms the soul. I am in Awe of how accurate and how many of our family came through. A blessing and experience I will never forget. One of my best days ever!

Andrea Johns, Las Vegas, NV and Lisa Morgenstern, Saugus, CA.- Being with Eden is an experience like no other. She has an amazing gift and uses it to interpret and counsel those who seek her out to answer the unanswerable. She has care and compassion for her clients as well as challenging each one to hear their truth as it is presented by those who know you most deeply. 

Margie R.I went to see Eden on the recommendation of my therapist. I had recently lost my mother and was struggling to make peace with many decades of disturbance between my mother and myself . The disruptive thoughts that kept going around in my mind were creating severe bouts of crippling depression and anxiety.  

A bit skeptical, I ventured forth to see Eden. I immediately felt at ease in her comforting and safe environment. I went with as much openness as I could muster, not knowing who might show up to be channeled through Eden’s remarkable ability to “ automatic write” the words from the other side of the veil.

For two hours solid I was transfixed by how much accuracy Eden was able to interpret. So many question were answered in those two hours. Eden’s gift was the most helpful and instrumental tool I found to get over the mental turmoil that had been plaguing me for a year and a half.

I highly recommend this venue for anyone looking for answers that may not be readily available to most of us. What came through were insights and information that was astonishingly accurate. This help was my ticket out of a nightmarish era.

Thank you, Eden, for the work you did for me and for everyone

Margie R