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Above the Clouds

Hi, I'm Eden!

I am a third-generation physical medium and empath! My gift is the ability to channel communication from spirit through automatic writing, otherwise known as *spirit writing.


After years of utilizing this tool for my own healing, I decided to use my spiritual gifts to help others with their own healing journey!

My Story

I learned at a young age that my grandmother was a psychic. I watched her do Automatic Writing and heard stories about how she worked with the FBI to help find missing children. Automatic Writing was (and still is) a phenomenon. So rare that UCLA did a study on my Grandmother. I was fascinated by the work she did and soon began to get the feeling that I have the same abilities.


I was a teenager when I tried writing for the first time. It scared me to know that I could actually do it! After that, I noticed I'd experience a buzzing feeling in my head quite often. It meant that spirit was calling. Over the last 3 decades, I practiced my skills on myself. I studied and wrote all the time. My writing helped me get through a dark period in my life along with psychotherapy & Homeopathy.


After seven years of healing work, I came to my fortieth birthday. They say that’s when life begins. This is when you become your authentic self; fully free to be who you are. Yes, that is what happened to me. I was in a good place emotionally and felt strongly about helping others. I answered my calling...

My first experience doing a reading for someone else...I got a phone call from someone who asked me to write for them because she’d recently lost her mother (who had taken her own life). I hesitated at first but ended up giving it a try. The reading was shocking (in a good way), emotional, and life-changing for both of us. Everything was completely accurate. To my surprise, I was able to use my gift to help a stranger and make a difference in a positive way! The client received messages from her mother which enabled her to let go of her guilt and deep sadness. She then began her healing journey.


I then had my “A-ha” moment. “This is what I am supposed to do. This is why I’ve been given the gift. This is why I went through my own struggles, so I could utilize my gift to help others!”

After years of practice and honing in on my skills, I became a Third generation Physical Medium. This work has been extremely fulfilling and gratifying. It is a privilege to facilitate positive change and healing for others as I continue to learn and grow myself. I am able to bring my own life experience on an emotional level as well as receive messages on a spiritual level from your loved ones and guidance system.

Co-host of Talk Purpose & Truth Podcast

This show elevates, uplifts, and encourages listeners to grow, heal, awaken, and evolve.

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Coordinator for the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign

"A Global movement leading the way to changing the face of mental health."

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