Eden Sustin is a third generation physical medium and empath. Her gift is the ability to channel communication from spirit through automatic writing, otherwise known as *spirit writing. This form of communication is used for healing and knowledge. Eden facilitates communication with spirit only for the higher good of her clients in order to bring them comfort and healing. Eden specializes in healing grief, childhood trauma and emotional blocks to transform your life. 

Eden also co-hosts a well-known podcast:

Talk Purpose and Truth; Shifting You Into Higher Consciousness

 She and her co-host regularly appear in the media on TV shows, podcasts and live events. Eden has had the gift of communicating with the deceased since she was a child, however she felt called to use her gifts to help others for the past ten years and has assisted thousands of clients to communicate with their loved ones and guides from beyond. She has a thriving practice channeling the extraordinary while living an exquisitely ordinary life as a wife and mother.

Eden is also the Coordinator for the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign:

"A Global movement leading the way to changing the face of mental health."