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Are you looking for confirmation that your loved ones are still with you?

Do you want to dive deeper into your intuitive abilities?

This is for you if you...

  • feel disconnected from yourself and/or others

  • feel blocked or stuck in some area of life

  • are ready to heal from past traumas, grief, and/or loss

  • want to reconnect with your inner child

  • want to elevate your life by aligning with your highest truth

  • want to learn how to let go of what is no longer serving you and raise your vibration

  • are ready to unblock and release old limiting beliefs/stories and false programming 


Medium Readings

My readings combine the wisdom from my own life on an emotional level as well as receiving messages on a spiritual level from your loved ones and guidance system. The combination makes for a very special, soul-healing experience. I will help you to communicate with your loved ones from the other side. Through this Soul to Soul connection, you will achieve greater peace and understanding of your own life. My sessions are enlightening, empowering, emotional , therapeutic and can be Life-Changing! The readings are truly unique and completely authentic. 


Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay

Kathleen L.

Eden is truly an amazing and gifted medium. She is accurate and a ''one of a kind'' individual .To date, I have had four unbelievable sessions with her. I begin seeing Eden in early December 2018, to help seek answers to questions in regard to my son's recent death. Since losing my son, Kevin, I have been overwhelmed with grief and sadness. Kevin was 28 years old when he passed over to the other side. Through Eden, and her ability to connect with my Kevin, I feel more at peace. The information that I have received has been spot on! For example, Kevin's unique internet game name, the date we last spoke, the two names responsible for his death and so much more. My sessions with Eden have been validated that our loved ones soul lives on. Eden has a special way about her, you feel at ease the moment you meet her! 




1 person session



Sessions with 2-4 people

Accepted forms of payment include Cash, Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal

Other Services

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Intuitive/spiritual gift Mentoring

Dive deeper into your intuitive abilities and gain confidence in using them for business.

  • Practice your spiritual gifts with 1:1 guidance

  • Heal intuitive blocks

  • 8 or 12, 90-minute session packages

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Follow-up Call

For established clients to provide:

  • brief support after any reading you’ve had with me in the past 

  •  answer any lingering questions or questions that arise after having a reading or in-between sessions to address situations of urgency

  • small channeled messages to support messages received in initial reading(s)

  • Charged by the minute = $4.16/minute, Minimum 30 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Automatic writing is a form of mediumship, but communication is written rather than verbal. This is the practice of writing while channeling messages from the spirit realm. Those on the Other Side are sometimes strong enough to "push" textual messages across the veil. These messages can be used for healing, communication or other purposes.


Ready to book a reading?

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